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Hi! I'm a mechanical engineer with experience in all aspects of problem solving, from hands-on machining to leading teams to create world class medical devices. I have a demonstrated history of innovation across numerous fields including robotics, consumer electronics, medical product development and more.

I'm especially skilled in mechanical design, problem dissection, and creative thinking. I'm data driven, and detail oriented. I get most excited about opportunities to push the limits of technology, and to make the impossible possible. I'm always up for a challenge, and eager to learn new skills quickly.

I always strive to find sustainable solutions that put people first. I'm passionate about how humans interact with technology in every sense; tools, art, wearables & implants, diagnostic devices, etc. and honestly believe that this, in combination with communication, organization, and care, can solve any problem.


Miovision |

Hardware Designer - Mechanical

Working with a team of mechanical designers to develop novel transporation hardware and sustain existing solutions.

Kenota Health |

Mechanical Engineer → Mechanical Manager

Developing the world's first CLIA-waived point of care (POC) allergy testing device. Responsible for the mechanical design and manufacture of a complex medical device, high volume consumable components, and timeline/resource management of a cross-functional team.

Spin Master |

Consultant - Prototype Engineering

Assisted in bringing toy ideas to life via design for rapid prototyping, DFM/DFA, and by researching and introducing novel workflow improvements for digital sculpts & CAD models.

Amina Health |

Mechanical Engineer & Hardware Team Lead

Directly responsible for all hardware-related challenges related to the development of a novel cartridge + reader based vitamin measurement system, from early concepts/specifications to final design, including but not limited to: jigs, design control inventory, VnV, project management, documentation, and more.

Christie Digital Inc. |

New Products and Process Automation Specialist

Independent development of new projector validation automation software written in LabVIEW, and coordination of company-wide software/tool rollouts.

Christie Digital Inc. |

Product Developer Co-op

Start-to-finish implementation of a vibration reduction solution on the company's most popular cinema projector. Also self-taught C++ and wrote a comprehensive field application for laser projection setups.


University of Waterloo

Sept 2012 - May 2017

Bachelor of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering


Custom 3D Printer Enclosure

Designed and built a custom, sound proofing/protective enclosure for my Ender 3 Pro using 3 x IKEA Lack tables, 3D printed parts, and misc. hardware. STLs and instructions made publicly available via (linked below).

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Fully Integrated POC Ferritin Blood Test

Designed, iterated on, injection molded, tested, and patented for use with the Amina POC reader. Made to automatically run a lateral flow assay, and display the results to a battery-powered analyzer (optionally) connected to a smartphone.

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VR-Sculpted Candle Holder with Forest Spirits

Designed custom using Oculus Medium (VR sculpting app) and my 3D printer as a gift. Features kodama spirits from Princess Mononoke, complete with spring-loaded bobbling heads.

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Nexus 5x Teardown

Disassembled, mounted, and framed the parts of a (dead) Nexus 5x as a gift to the person who originally lent it to me.

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Project Squaterloo

A low cost, retrofit device with multiple modules developed to assist weightlifters of all skill levels with limited ankle mobility. Final design uses interlocking plates of variable thickness, machined out of aluminum and ABS.

Made in a team of 4 for our University of Waterloo ME 2017 Capstone Project.

T-Rex Planter

Made during a 2 week quarantine at a friend's house using air dry Sculpey, internally supported with galvanized steel wire, and given several coats of spray on waterproofing.

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Custom Optimal VR Sensor Mounts

3D printed external sensor mounts for an Oculus Rift to provide secure holding and optimal tracking coverage over a defined play space.

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Planck Keyboard Build

A custom build of an open source mechanical (specifically "Planck") keyboard. For a more elegant look, I used thin acrylic to hold the keys, and a CNC router on the base.

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Magic Mirror on a Budget

A Raspberry Pi-powered Magic Mirror made as a Christmas gift for my sister on a tight budget. Designed around an old stripped down monitor, with hidden light strips on both sides.

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Lasercut Water Droplet Automata

Lasercut this custom version of an idea I'd seen online out of clear and black acrylic as a gift to my Mom. When you turn the crank, the rings mimic the ripple of a water droplet.

Low Poly Pug Art

An artpiece made as a gift for my brother one Christmas. This is a 'low poly' rendition of our late pug Saru, lasercut out of MDF, coloured with acrylic paint, and glued in place.

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Custom C++ Software for Laser Projection Setups

Self-taught C++ between projects, and developed a complex, thorough app for field technicians to correctly install laser screen shaker arrays.

Made while working at Christie Digital.

Cinema Projector Shaky Image Investigation

A start-to-finish investigation of visible vibration on Christie's most popular cinema projectors. Solved with accelerometers, high speed video, custom tests & analysis software, prototyping, and implementation.

Made while working at Christie Digital.

SCRUBR - Squeeky Clean Rapid Universal Buildup Remover

A mechanical (as specified by the project requirements) dish cleaning tool with a motorized, geared, clutched, flexible, scrubbing head, and a magnetic handle. Built in a team of 6 as a 3rd year design project.

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Tropical Steel Wax Melter

A custom machined/welded wax melter made for my mom for Mother's Day. The leaves and hammock were plasma cut and manually formed, and the trunks and base were turned on a lathe. The beach was shaped with an angle grinder.

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